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Lucky Seven

Well, I just finished my Travelling Group. Mahandra, Ace and Lily will be coming with me to Toronto so I can give them to Mark, Janette and Jan to pass on and while we're there I hope to get a picture of the dolls on the glass floor at the C.N tower. I took the four remaining dolls that aren't going to their temporary billets tomorrow and took some fun pictures of them around here until they go to their next location. The idea is as follows. Each doll comes with a piece of printed documentation explaining the concept. Seven dolls will be travelling with seven of my friends who will take pictures and email them to me, or join the community if they already have an LJ account, and then they will each pass them on to another friend who will do likewise before passing the doll on to another friend. It will be interesting to see where my friends' friends send the dolls. I included rapidtrabbit because I thought it would be a fun thing for him to talk about on his show.

Mark, Janette and Jan will get their dolls in Toronto tomorrow. Ardith and Sherrie will get theirs next time I see them and I will mail dolls to Della and rapidtrabbit as they are the first ones outside of Canada. Della is all the way in England and she does a lot of travelling. She and her husband have been to Spain and France quite a few times.

I have the community set up, but I don't want to post anything until my pictures are developed. I still don't have a digital camera, only an "old fashioned" 35mm camera.
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