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hello! i'm new here and i have a question. i live in iowa and i was wondering if any one knew of a subsitute for jersey knit fabric. i have looked everywhere for it. i'm looking to make some japanese dollsand i need it for the outside lining of them. and of course ths being iowa and the latest trends around here is scrapbooking ( bla) and quilting (another bla). i can not find one single yard of any kind of knit fabric!! our joann's fabrics closed and even in the on line store i can't find any...

i did find a website where i can order and i will do that for now but i would rather find something locally if possable .. so does any one know if there is something i can subsitute?

i'm not a fancy dollmaker, i make mostly cloth and rag dolls. but i found patterns on the net i want to try and i bought a japanese book called cute dolls and i want to try them. i've been making dolls sence i was old enough to sew some aren't very nice but some are fair. i hope you don't mind. i checked out this site and saw all the cloth doll pitures.. and thought Yea! somewhere i can go and see others fine work and learn and ask questions.

thanks for having this group.. doll makers are far and few between!!

and sorry i hav no doll making icons as of yet. ( i never thought there would be a community like this!)
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