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puppetsanddolls's Journal

Home-made Puppets and Dolls
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Glitter @ HotGlitter.com

I guess once a doll-maker, always a doll-maker. On January 29th, 2003, I quit my previous job in hopes of selling crafts on my own, mostly T-shirts. Gradually I got back into making dolls and puppets again only on my own instead of for my previous employer. It's kind of an ugly and convoluted story. I'll spare you the gory details.

However, my dolls and puppets have been shown at the KPAS Spectrum Art show, sent to Romania when my friend Jan was there on the missions field and now several will soon be on their way elsewhere inthe world with Reapers in the Rain.

In this community, I invite my fellow doll and puppet-makers to show your creations and talk about the exciting projects you've been involved in. Also feel free to post pictures of your creations with other toys, dolls and props. Not only will this give viewers an idea of size but it's fun to pose them in various scenarios.

Here I am, posing with an assortment of clown dolls on my first and only CD cover...